Adding context to campaign claims

With the Election campaign in full swing it is hard to keep track of the volumes of facts, figures and research that that politicians and journalists are reporting. In order to bridge the gap between the media and research for Irish voters, we hope to crowd source a repository of the reports and research on which political claims are made during the 2016 General Election.

This is where Irish Social Media users come in and it is hoped some of you will participate in this project. The idea is simple, to be a bridge between research and voters by providing either more context or clarity to claims being made in national debate over the next few weeks.

During key points of the election, TV debates, speeches, radio interviews and news articles there will be a lot of claims being made on the back of CSO data, reports and research from a wide range of sources. We want to pool Irish expertise in various fields through compiling social media posts.

By Tweeting/Posting a link to the information and a short description along with the hashtag #GE16Facts, each day the links to data will be organised in a Storify and published on This should keep the resource up to date and over the coming weeks and serve as a reference point for fact-checking specific information, if or when voters need it.

Many of us who are following the election closely will be doing this informally anyway, the project simply asks for a little follow up by providing a link to resources and a short sentence about how it was used and adding #GE16Facts to your Tweets, Facebook messages or Instagram posts.

The value of independent fact checking teams is in the enrichment of the resources on offer; to provide clarity where there is confusion and to illustrate alternative perspectives derived from the same data points. In this regard it is as much a discussion as a resource and we hope that you will take part.


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